EX150Li (18 in/46 cm)

Our latest and greatest battery operated ventilator designed with a new integrated technology platform: IntelliSense™ E3 controller, allowing airflow to be increased from zero to its full speed progressively and achieve peak performance at the touch of a button.

Features and Benefits:

Incredible 1400W (1.9 hp) of power
Swappable 52V Li-Ion Battery Packs
PowerStream® Air Straightener
Euramco Brushless DC Motor
IP66 Water resistance protects from powerful water jets
Standard wheel kit with full-height ergonomic handle
Lightweight, Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame
Integrated LED Flood Lights illuminate the entry point of a structure during low visibility operations
Wide range tilt adjustment
Optional Integrated Rehab Mister


  • Duct 18”/46cm (FDT-185MSR)

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  • Integrated Misters (EL8111)

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  • Vehicle Mount (EL600K)

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